6 Most Important Cell Phone Accessories

6 Most Important Cell Phone Accessories

Has it ever occurred to you that you went to a store for grocery shopping but there you ended up buying different mobile accessories?

Well, if you have experienced something similar then yes, this articles is for you because today we are going to jot down some of the best must have cell phone accessories.

You now no longer have to clutter your life with unnecessary mobile phone accessories and honestly there are just 6 basic accessories you should have.

Buying different cell phone chargers and earphones every time you go out will just be a waste of money and nothing else.

Now, if you are someone who just bought an expensive smartphone and want to get the best out of it then here are the 6 most important accessories you should have.

1-A Screen Protector

Your phone is brand new and it’s expensive too, now obviously in such a situation you will not appreciate the idea of getting scratches and cracks on it which is why a screen protector is quite necessary for you.

Screen protectors are a great defense and they can actually save your phone screen from the tiny cracks that appear when you accidentally hit your phone somewhere or when it falls.

The best part is that these protectors are thin adhesive shields that aren’t expensive at all. You can easily get a protector for your phone within a reasonable price and if applied properly, they can last for about six months.

There are a variety of them available in the market and thanks to the technology that now we have protectors that not only protect the screen from scratches and smudges in fact, they also block the blue light of the screen that is dangerous for the human eye.

2-A Phone Case

You probably bought a sleek smartphone and swore to never hide it in a cover but let’s face it, you do need to buy a case for your phone to protect it from the accidental falls and cracks.

Especially if you aren’t good with handling phones and are a bit clumsy then one of the most important thing you need to get is a good phone case. Adding a cover to your phone is not about accessorizing, in fact, it’s more about cushioning your phone and adding a layer that can protect it from the inside out.

Again, the phone cover market is quite vast and there are just millions and millions of covers to choose online. Yes, you read it right, phone covers are now a common accessory and you can find them everywhere around you, in the markets and in the online stores too.

You just have to type on Google for the best phone covers and add the model number of your cell phone and your screen will just be bombarded with so many links and results from where you can make a purchase.


Headphones are a must have accessory and that is the reason why every new smartphone comes with a pair of these. Now, the thing is that if you use the headphones extensively then there are chances that you will have to replace the earbuds or buy new ones that are more comfortable for your ears.

You can listen to music and talk on phone with a person without holding your phone in the hand continuously and that so far is the best thing about headphones.

Especially if you are someone who loves to walk or jog or loves to have long conversations over the phone then yes, a good pair of headphones with some comfortable earbuds will be the best thing you’ll have.

Another amazing part about this accessory is that it isn’t even expensive and you don’t have to break a bank to buy it. The market out there is full of different kinds and types of headphones with different kinds of earbuds and some are without earbuds.

So, yes, you do have a variety to choose from and that too in a reasonable price.

4-A Powerbank

There was a time when people considered power banks to be pretty unnecessary as they thought that why need a backup battery when you can charge your phone with a socket easily.

But now with the passage of time people have finally realized that it is important to have a backup charger when the phone runs out of battery.

You never know when you have to attend an important meeting in the morning or leave for your flight with an empty or low battery sign which is why there should be a device with you all the time that can save you from such situations.

In case you own a car then you better invest in a car charger as that is also a good option but if you are more of a traveler who has to take a flight every week or twice a month etc. then get yourself a high quality power bank that comes with a good charging capacity.

You might not know this now but once you buy a power bank, you’ll know how important it is and how it can save you from emergency situations.

Power banks are also inexpensive and there is a wide variety of them that you can choose from so it won’t be an issue for you to find them anywhere in the market and in the online stores too.

5-A Cleaning Cloth

Smudgy screens can actually destroy the whole grace of your phone and especially if you just bought a new one then yes, you’ve got to have a cleaning cloth with you that can help you get rid of all the fingerprints and the other smudges.

You can easily get a small cleaning cloth for your phone from anywhere in the market.

Just make sure to keep that cloth with you all the time and clean the screen whenever you feel like it’s getting all dirty and smudgy. In fact you can also buy a small screen cleaner spray which is also inexpensive.

Just keep the cloth and the spray bottle in your bag every time you go out and your phone will always appear new and clean.

6-Dashboard Or Bike Mounts

Holding your phone in your hand while you are riding a bike or driving a car isn’t really a good option and it can actually be very risky for you because you never know when you get distracted with your phone and meet an accident.

Now, this is where the phone mounts come in handy, they keep your phone steady and firm on your desired position in the car and you can then easily use them without any risk.

Especially if you are someone who has to use a lot of navigation and if you don’t have the system in your car then yes, phone mounts can actually come very useful.

You just put the tag on the location you want to reach and fix your phone on the mount while you weave your way through the traffic.

As far as the bike mounts are concerned, well, you can use them for a plenty of other reasons like if you want to listen to music while you are riding then the mounts can allow you to easily change the tracks without having to stop the bike and change the track.

These are the top 6 must have cell phone accessories. Make sure to buy these and vow to never waste your money on the hype, just stick to the essentials and the rest will be fine. Another great way to protect your phone will be to get it insures.

Especially if you just bought an iPhone X or any other expensive phone then yes, you’ve got to apply for cell phone insurance. The plans of cell insurance are quite reasonable when it comes to the rates and they are nothing like the other insurances.

The process however is the same, you see the fact is that getting your phone insured is quite necessary because again, you never know when you meet an accident and your phone breaks, like how are you going to fill up or get your iPhone X repaired for thousands of dollars?

In a nutshell, if you really are sensitive about your phone and if it’s expensive enough to hurt you then you need to get your phone insured right at the moment.

Again, every shop you visit is going to have several shiny and all attractive phone accessories but here is where you have to act wisely and just go for the things that you really need.

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