Best Cell Phone Batteries

The battery life of a cell phone is one of the most important factors to be considered while assessing the quality of the cell phone.

In spite of its outstanding performance and the excellent camera, without a battery with reasonably long battery life the cell phone fails in the quality test. The encouraging news is that cell phones are improving in the aspect of battery life also.

Today there are a lot of handsets available that function for more than 24 hours on a single charge. The mAH value of a cell phone battery indicates the extent of its battery life.

The cell phone review should clearly mention the battery performance apart from other aspects like display, resolution, design and power efficiency, etc. This article is about the best cell phone batteries based on the latest comparative study.

Those who want to select a new cell phone will first ask about the battery life only.

Pixel 2XL from Google

This new 6-inch phone from Google is provided with a battery of excellent quality. In the battery test it was found that battery life of Pixel 2XL of Google exceeds 12 hours.

Moreover, when the battery goes dry by way of fast charging for just 15 minutes, the battery gets a life of 7 hours.

S60 from Cat

The S60 is known for its durability. The phone could withstand severe tests like multiple drops of 6 feet length and 30 minutes in 6 feet water. It was found that the battery of the phone remained unaffected and lasted for almost 13 hours.

LG X Power

The battery of LG X Power practically never goes dry. The battery life of this phone is sufficiently long so that the users need not charge this phone daily. Those who search for a phone with strong battery life LG X Power is indeed a good option for its price.

While LG X Power is provided with a 4100 mAH battery, the new version, LG X Power 2, which is yet to arrive in the market will have a 4500 mAH battery.

Mate 10 Pro

The Mate 10 Pro from  Huawei has an excellent battery of 4000 mAH. In the battery test it was found that this phone performed for more than 14 hours 30 minutes. The battery life of this phone is about 2 hours longer than that of Pixel 2 XL of Google.

When compared to Apple’s iPhone X, Mate 10 Pro stands for 4 hours more.

Motorola’s E4 Plus

Motorola has provided a larger battery for the E4 Plus since the battery life of E4 was found not up to the mark.

E4 Plus has a battery life of almost 15 hours and this is indeed excellent for a phone with a price tag of less than $200.