Best Cell Phone Cases

A strong and durable phone case is quite essential for the latest types of handsets most of which are made of glass or metal.

While a quality phone case retains the beauty and elegance of the cell phone it also ensures protection of the phone from drops, hits and accidental bumps.

Apart from protecting the phone and preserving its beauty, a well-designed cell phone case of outstanding quality adds to the elegance of the phone.

The buyers of cell phone cases have wide options that include transparent light covers as well as ultra-rugged covers. The cell phone cases that are introduced by some of the third party phone case manufacturers are found of excellent quality and durability.

This article is about a few of the best as well as most popular cell phone cases.

Otterbox Commuter Series

Otterbox Commuter Series ensure the best protection for Samsung Galaxy 8. This phone case is indeed worth for its price. For an expensive device like Galaxy 8 this phone case is not a luxury but it is a necessity.

The strong and solid outer layer and the soft inner layer together provide a dual-layer protection. The ports of the cover stop dust and dirt from getting inside. The buyers of this phone case have 4 color options – blue, black, purple and aqua mint.

Spigen Tough Armor

This phone case is made exclusively for the Google Pixel. This phone case is more for ensuring protection of the device than making it appear stylish and fancy. There are three color options – gunmetal, silver and black.

The dual-layer protection and raised lip of this case together ensure the best protection of the phone. The air-cushion technology enhances the quality of protection.

The power and volume buttons of the phone can be conveniently pressed when the phone is inside the case and at the same time the buttons are not protruding.

The case also facilitates enhancing sound by way of redirecting the speakers towards the front of the phone.

Trianium Clarium Series

This phone case which is ideal for Pixel 2 XL ensures the best shock protection to the device and apart from that when the phone is kept in this case it appears stylish as well as elegant.

This phone case is made of the best quality TPU material with shock-absorbing characteristics. The black-plate shell is strong and as clear as glass so that the back of the phone is clearly visible when kept inside the case.

The case is ultra-slim as well as feather-light. The case has been molded with 100% perfection and precise cutouts are made for the speakers, ports and buttons. The sticky edges of the phone effectively prevent slipping from hand.

Swan Cell Phone Case

This phone case is specially designed for iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. The phone case is Military Drop Test Certified and ensures complete protection of the device.

It is very slim as well as light-weight and is provided with anti-scratch UV coating. The buttons are well protected by the shock-absorbing rubber walls. The phone case appears stylish and elegant and comes with Sonix 1-year warranty.

Incipio Ox and Griffin for iPhone 7

The Incipio Ox phone case additionally provides a built-in headphone jack and Lightning Port so that the user can listen to music or You Tube video and also charge the phone when inside the case.

The Griffin which is expected in the market shortly will have an extra battery pack along with it in addition to the headphone jacket and Lightning Port. The extra battery pack makes the case a little bulkier.