iPhone screen repair

iPhone screen repair

Accidents are bound to happen from time to time which can lead to the screen of your iPhone breaking or at least cracking which could be very annoying, if you no longer feel comfortable with using your iPhone with its cracked screen, you should consider repairing it.

To repair your iPhone screen can be expensive especially if you don't have AppleCare+ warranty but if the hairline of your iPhone screen breaks or cracks, it is considered a manufacturer's defect so Apple will repair your iPhone screen free of charge if that is the case.

Your AppleCare+ warranty covers your phone for two (2) accidental damage even though you would have to pay an excess fee but if you don't AppleCare+, it is quite a lot to repair your iPhone screen.

Ways to get your iPhone screen repaired…

 1. Go to the nearest Apple store

Apple will definitely help repair your cracked or broken screen either you are within the warranty period or not because even if you are within the warranty period, your warranty doesn't cover accidental damages but remember that Apple will jot repair your cracked or broken screen for free but if you were able to get AppleCare+, you will just have to pay a sum of £25/$29 irrespective of the iPhone type.

If you have got any other kind damage to your iPhone, you would have to pay fully for its repair. If you don't have AppleCare+, the price for repairing your screen will be higher but it is better to reach out to the nearest Apple store to find out the cost if repairing your iPhone type.

 2. Go to high street retailer

Most people would prefer to go to a high street retailer because of the human to human contact that they will experience rather than the online experience with no human contact.

The high street retailer is the number one stop for iPhone screen repairs, another reason people prefer going to the high street retailer is because if anything went wrong during and after the repair, they know who to meet and where to go.

A downside to going to the high street retailer is that most of them do not use Apple products which might lead to some complications later on.

 3. Get your faulty gadgets repaired right in front of you

Either you are at home or at work, there are several certified Apple technicians that can meet you up anywhere to repair your faulty gadgets right before your eyes.

This makes it a lit easier because you can try it before the technician leaves to be sure that he repaired it well and nothing else is faulty and pay for your services right away.

 4. Send your faulty gadget to a repair store online

If you are the busy type or more like the career type that doesn't have extra to visit a repair store, you can send your faulty gadgets to a repair store online.

You would be told the number of days it will take to repair it depending on the extent of the damage and how much it will cost for their service, if they will oversee the courier service, your bill will be added together for you.

Send your faulty gadgets to online repair stores that uses genuine Apple parts for their repairs.

 5. DIY repair

You can also repair your broken iPhone screen yourself after watching series of tutorials which will guide you step by step, letting you know which materials and tools to make use of.

 How to delete apps on iPhone…

Majority of iOS users love to have lots of app even down to having more than one app with the same functions especially camera apps when it comes to the camera lovers or different kinds of games or social media apps, sometimes you have to pay for some but have you noticed that you usually don’t use all the apps on your phone all the time, there are some that you haven't used in months but you just love to have them on your phone.

There is a downside to having a lot of apps on your phone irrespective of how much you love to have it, the downside is that the apps that you love so much takes a lot of space either due to their file size or the numerous upgrades that each app needs.

To prevent this, you need to keep doing either a monthly or bimonthly app check up on your iPhone, checkup as in, you go through all the apps on your phone either monthly or bimonthly and delete those apps that you notice that you haven't used for that month or in the past two months.

With this checkup, you will have a lot of storage space for the apps that you use frequently plus if you notice that you are in need of the app, you can download it again.

Apple has upgraded some iOS gadgets to support 3D Touch which have the capacity to trigger widgets (instead of the app jiggling so that you can delete the app that you want to delete), so sometimes when you hold down an app on your iOS gadget, it triggers the widget action and also holding an app hold down on your iOS gadget can also enables you to move your apps around your screen.

 To delete an app on your iOS gadget is easy: All you have to do is hold the app that you want to delete down, the app that you want to delete will start jiggling and you will notice that most of the apps on your iOS gadget have a small X symbol at the left corner of the app ( I am sure you noticed that some apps on your iOS gadget doesn't have the small X symbol at the left corner of the app this is because those apps are default apps I.e. they came with your iOS gadget and you can't delete them).

On seeing those small X symbol at the left corner of the app, you have to think twice before you tap that small X symbol because once you do, you have deleted the apps and the data that was stored using the app, most especially if you will be needing the app anytime soon.

Another method of deleting apps on your iOS gadget is to delete them from the settings app in your gadget.

Go to your settings app, tap on general, tap on iPhone setting, you will see all the apps on your gadget at the bottom of your screen.

 All you have to do is go through the apps at the bottom of your screen and see how much storage each app is using and decide which app to delete and which app to leave when you need extra storage space for anything, this is the best place to check.

 iPhone screen replacement...

Your phone is bound to slip or fall at one point in time, when this happens, most times especially if your iPhone doesn't have a screen guard, your screen will most likely break or at least crack.

This makes your iPhone uncomfortable and inconvenient to use, sometimes making it hard to use your phone for anything except that you replace your iPhone screen.

Accidental damage such as the screen of your iPhone breaking or cracking is not covered under your limited warranty with Apple either you have AppleCare+ warranty or not which means you have to pay extra charges for screen replacement, the only difference is that if you have AppleCare+ warranty, you don’t pay as much as when you don't have AppleCare+ warranty.

Your AppleCare+: consists of two (2) cases of accidental damage.

The cost of replacing your iPhone screen differs with the model of iPhone that you want to replace plus if your iPhone screen cracks due to one manufacturing defect or the other that repair is covered by Apple's warranty and the consumer's law.

iPhone replacement screen can be bought cheaply and online also but what is the probability that they are original or that they will work with your phone, the more reason why you need to be careful when you trying to replace your iPhone screen.

iPhone discount

If you are looking to buy high-tech gadgets, such as MacBook, iPhone or any Apple product, you should be ready to spend that money because you know the quality of the gadgets that you want to buy such as the constant upgrades and improved features that each new iPhone model comes with.

With every new product that is being released, new deals and discount are being made so we have compiled an updated list of the best deals that you can get with iPhone.

    Apple iPhone 6 — $125 from Walmart.

    Apple iPhone SE — $217 from Amazon.

    Apple iPhone 6 — $168 from Amazon.

    Apple iPhone 6s — $224 from Walmart.

    Apple iPhone 7 Plus — $524 from Apple.

    Apple iPhone 7 — $424 from Apple.

    Apple iPhone 8 — $490 from Amazon.

    Apple iPhone X — $654 from Ebay.